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Writers of the social and development sector are welcome to send their items to be shown on WebPages of THE NGO WORLD so that other people of the NGO sector may get valuable information's and knowledge of their interest. 

Your Items may include;

·            Articles/presentations

·            Manuals/booklets

·            Research papers

·            Success stories

·            Case studies

·            Job/training/news alerts

·            Activity/event reports

·            Critical issues

·            Pictures

·            Introduction of NGO sector personalities

We're seeking people like you who have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic related to NGO or development sector, a passion about that topic and a desire to share related insights with others.

Join others across the globe as they provide a wealth of information, insider perspectives, helpful resources, and a view into a variety of events and activities within their field.


send your items at


Note: while sending some material, keep in mind,  there should be no violation of copyrights