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Join our team of volunteer professionals ...…  

If you are interested to become a  member of TPSC, download the Voluneer Registration Form and return the filled form at in order to maintain a high level of community service.  




The Professionals Service Club



  Target Community:


We want to empower, support, strengthen, mobilize and serve all the people from all sectors of life mainly oppressed, depressed and neglected ones. 


Mission ?   

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for members to participate in social, educational, cultural, philanthropic, developmental and creative activities to empower the people by supporting community services and projects through capacity building, awareness, technology transfer, IT and income generation programs. TPSC is a club whose members are committed to provide their services through a variety of events and activities. 



1.      To develop self-awareness of various problems in our society.  

2.      To develop the professionals' ability to interact with other people.  

3.      To allow professionals to take part in an activity that is not available in many other places.  

4.      To give primacy to the human and spiritual along with the material values of life.  

5.      To promote the adoption and application of higher professional standards.  

6.      To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship.  

7.      To provide practical means to promote friendships and to build a better community through this club.  


8.      To cooperate in creating and maintaining sound public opinion and high idealism, which increases patriotism and good will.  

9.      To support less fortunate people, not only through material benefits but also with emotional and professional help.  

10.    Members learn and network with each other about different market segments or any of the many disciplines represented in TPSC. 

11.     You will learn first-hand from our local professionals about the latest trends and opportunities in their fields. 

12.      To change the community behavior positively and provide better understanding about the cultural and social events. 

13.       To organize recreational but productive events.  

14.     Participate in relief and rehablitation of vitims of hazards

We are looking for good professionals... 

As a TPSC  member that desires to make major service contributions to people, we recognize the need for philanthropists, professionals and others who are able to apply their significant skills and other resources for the achievement of club objectives. Consequently, we are continually seeking diversity in membership of professionals' most able and motivated. Therefore, 

(a) An active member must be of good character. 

(b) An active member must be engaged in an occupation in any recognized line like social sector, business, vocation, institutional or professional life or who, having been so engaged. 

  (c)A person of good character is a person who adheres to the standards of good conduct in his/her community and believes in and subscribes to the objectives of TPSC.  

Qualifications for membership

1.      The individual be an adult of good character  

2.      The individual have a good professional skills and reputation 

3.      The individual will commit to attend as many TPSCmeetings as possible and participate in club-sponsored activities or make such other contributions to the club if decided in member’s meetings  

4.      The individual will commit to serve and be active in one or more committees of club  

5.      The individual demonstrate leadership qualities that would enhance the growth of the club and its objectives  

6.      The individual must either  be actively engaged or formerly engaged in a role of a business, profession, community, government organization, or NGOs.  

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