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Lodhran Pilot Project(LPP) - PAKISTAN
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To supportthe lical cummunity in the provision of basic necessities 

Description: The year 1999 was a crucial period in shaping the map of Lodhran, as Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP) was emerging as a Local NGO to address the gigantic issue of sanitation, under kind supervision of Muhammad Hafeez Arian, a selfless unique individual who laid the foundation of LPP under the progressive leadership of Jahangir Khan Tareen. He worked with Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan for 15 years, and then shifted to Lodhran for noble cause of sanitation.

LPP is the first kind of its NGO addressing the issue of Rural Sanitation in small district Lodhran. LPP is working for sanitation in 121 villages through community participation since 1999.

Lodhran Pilot Project aims to provide low cost sanitation facility in the rural areas through community participation. Since its inception in 1999 till the year 2004, LPP successfully implemented low cost community owned sanitation schemes in 18 villages of District Lodhran in addition to 123 streets in Lodhran City. The success of LPP generated the need for sanitation system by local communities through out the District.

Postal Address is:
Lodhran Pilot Project(LPP), Jalal Pur Mor, District Lodhran,Pakistan. Contact # 0608-362928